TRABUS Joins the National Spectrum Consortium

San Diego, CA (April 14, 2020) – Trabus Technologies has joined the National Spectrum Consortium (NSC)—the nation’s leading association of technologists, engineers, scientists, manufacturers and program managers from industry, academia and government working to develop the fifth generation technology standard for cellular networks (5G), 5G-based technologies, and spectrum access and sharing technologies. The NSC formed as a 5-year Section 815 Prototype Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) with the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Emerging Capabilities and Prototyping (ODASD, EC&P). It works with the U.S. government and the private sector to enable the technologies necessary to broaden military and commercial access to the electromagnetic spectrum for 5G. By joining the NSC, TRABUS will participate, collaborate, perform and advice on R&D, and the development of prototypes that will support the implementation of 5G and spectrum related technologies.