Maritime Analytics Tool Suite ​

The TRABUS Maritime Analytics Tool Suite is an innovative set of navigational and water transportation software products developed by Trabus Technologies for users of the U.S. inland waterways. It combines sophisticated predictive analytics algorithms, environmental Big Data and years of navigational experience by our seasoned mariners to provide products that optimize barge capacities, reduce the need for intermodal transfers, improve environmentally sustainable transportation and enhance transit safety under bridges, through shallow and narrow water channels, and hazardous weather conditions. The TRABUS Maritime Analytics Tool Suite includes the products below.

Bridge Clearance Tool

The bridge clearance tool provides real-time insights for safe navigation under bridges along the U.S. inland waterways.  When barges collide against bridges, they damage the structural integrity of the nation’s bridges, and increase the likelihood of an environmental and public health disaster from post-collision hazardous spillage. Post-collision closures of bridges for safety inspections and repairs can lead to cascading economic impacts for the region and local community. The TRABUS Maritime Analytics Tool Suite can help avoid bridge collisions altogether by providing an advanced bridge clearance decision tool that provides real-time predictive insights for safe and efficient river transit decision-making.

Voyage Planning Tools

Our voyage planning tools provide predictive insights into estimated time of travel from point A to point B using data on existing environmental conditions and forecasted river conditions. Our software suite also provides river level forecasts so barges can be configured and loaded optimally, reducing the need for intermodal transfers. Use the TRABUS Maritime Analytics Tool Suite’s travel time predictions and river level forecasts to plan your voyage and barge load in a way that maximizes profits and minimizes transportation delays.     

Maritime Logistics Planning Tools

Climate conditions can impact inland water transportation. Droughts reduce cargo loads and increase travel time due to narrowing navigable channels. High waters also reduce the cargo capacity and increase the risk of navigating under unreliable currents. The maritime logistics planning tools provide intelligent transportation logistics information to help vessel operators navigate safely around locks and ports, and around calamitous river and climate conditions. The advanced logistics tools help plan for cargo transportation uncertainties caused by drought, flood and other extreme weather events.